Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All these things that I've done.

I need to write something. I need to write something. You all need to read something. C'mon, brain, don't fail me now.

So, I'm taking a break from gift card celebrating, facebook creeping, and people watching (hi, I'm a creeper) in E-town to present you with a jumbled, discombobulated list of things I've learned in my two weeks at home (it's the longest I've been home in about a year and a half).

I learned that I'm weirdly intimidated by some people in this town. Maybe that's the right word? Oh well. Fun fact: I believe I'm most "intimidated" by high school girls (have you ever been stared down by a 16-year-old wearing too much eyeliner and a bad attitude?). And there is no shortage of them crawling 'round these parts.

Other people that intimidate me are people that drive around with super scary window decals that threaten to jump right off the glass and gnaw off my right arm. Example:

Whoa! Even in photo form it makes me nervous. Don't get too close!

Another less tacky thing I've learned is that my brother makes a very good model for my new camera. 

But don't worry, Whitney here has no problem still making my older, more casual camera feel loved.
In case you were wondering or didn't notice, yes, they are both wearing Santa hats. I roll with cool people like that. 

I learned that if you put your mind to it (or just have some great natural talent), you too can be immortalized forever at Drummond School. i.e. Hannah:

They even laminated her name! 

I also learned that having Christmas at my actual home this year is the best thing that's ever happened to me (my waistline would disagree). Why? Leftovers. I mean really, imagine having a miniature Christmas feast for 3 meals a day going on four days straight. Yes, please.

Hmm... I learned that my crafting habit might be considered an addiction to some. And I hoard cardstock and fabric. You know, for a rainy day, or another blog post.

I learned that my brother gains a lot of ground when he runs. It's those lanky legs.

I learned that I say inappropriate things at too loud a volume. Another post for another time.

I learned that I can't spell "inappropriate" to save my life, so spell check does for me.

I learned that telling stories can get you two slaps on the wrist, or an angry email. Looks like a fun-filled future career I'm choosing, huh?

I learned that pinky swears and promise rings are still held in high regard.

Finally, I learned that Applebee's and Starbucks are wonderful places to blow off some steam with some old friends.

I warned you: disconnected and discombobulated. But hey, I owe you an amusing post doubling as an inadvertent life update. Plus admitting a problem is the first step.

I will leave you with this, dear friends. Now, I'm off to find some dinner before everything closes and they roll up the sidewalks.

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