Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the Season.

Hi.... Remember me? That girl that used to have a blog and post weird stories and youtube videos all the time?

Well, I'm still here. Alive Surviving in the town of Enid, America.

I'll catch you up on several things as we go along, but for now, how about some holiday cheer?

My best friend Hannah and I (along with her sister Darcy and whoever else decides to tag along) have an annual Christmas tradition: Caroling.

Here we are two whole years ago preparing for caroling (I like to rhyme).

No, we aren't those people dressed up like elves that stand in your front yard and refuse to leave, no no no. We typically bake and make platefuls of yummy snacks, then we sneak attack surprise the same several people over the seasons. Mainly our old teachers.

Before you get weirded out, you have to understand that I graduated from a very rural school (what up graduating class of 26 people!), so I've known many of the teachers at my school my entire life...  

And several of those teachers are just too much fun to leave alone. Like Mrs. Hughes, my old Quiz Bowl coach... It's completely normal for her to have random students from years and years ago just drop by her house to hang out on occasion (I have to say Hannah and i do that all the time). 

Or our old science teacher... One time we showed up at his house singing and he slammed the door in our faces. Then opened it again and invited us in as long as we promised we would stop singing. This guy was "that teacher" in high school that refused to decorate his classroom until Hannah and I forced Christmas on him by breaking into sneaking into his room and turning it into a Christmas wonderland. We did it every holiday from then on, too (even arbor day).

This festive tradition is not only a good oppotunity to give back to the teachers that gave to us, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to come together, laugh, catch up.... and other things.

So, here's a glimpse at our Christmas tradition from this year. Cue the warm fuzzy feelings:

Even more warm fuzzies:

Well, maybe they weren't what you thought, but you've gotta admit they made you giggle a little. 

So with that, have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends that you like, and I will talk to you all later. :)

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