Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm makin' a list...(to the tune of the infamous carol)

In you're in my family, listen up...

If you aren't my family, please still read it, I know at least one of you can relate...

How many times (fellow poor college students) have you had a conversation such as this with a family member?

Grammy: "What do you want for Christmas, dearie?"
You: "I don't know Grammy, how about money?"
Grammy: "But, money isn't a very fun gift... It's just not personal. What else do you want?" 
You: ".... I don't know.... I really, money will be fine." 
Grammy: "Oh how silly. I'll just find you something nice myself." 

One week later.

Grammy: "Well, have you figured out what you want?" 
You (barely able to speak out of frustration): "Grandma, seriously money is the best thing for me right now.."
Grammy: "You are too stubborn. I guess I'll just get you coal." 

So, in response to conversations like the one above...... I have no words...  just this: 

I understand that money isn't the cutest or most personal holiday gift, but there are plenty of "insert money here" cards that are definitely cute enough to compensate for the impersonal green paper!

I mean... I'm in college... Money is great... Shoot, you help me pay my rent and you're my new favorite family member! 

So family, if you're reading this...  There will be no love lost if you forego stressful holiday shopping on my behalf. 

I promise I'm not a grinch-- I really have some holiday spirit (but that's another post for another day)!

Happy December, everybody. 

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  1. Oh goodness! I go through the same thing every year. You know, give me money and I'll buy the essentials (like food) and whatever is left, I'll buy shoes that actually fit. Money may be less "personalized" but it doesn't leave you standing in a customer service return line.