Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In your dreams...

I don't know if it's the after effects of massive turkey intake, the change in weather, or the looming thought of finals.... Whatever it is, it's been messing with my head, more specifically my subconscious.

I'm having some really strange dreams. A lot of them. And I'm remembering them, too.

For the past week (at least) I've been able to remember at least one of the incredibly vivid and bizarre dreams I have each night... Is that normal?

Like I said, some of these dreams are just typical nightmares (if there is such a thing), but others are kind of weird... Regardless, I'd be leading y'all on if I didn't share...

A few days ago, I dreamt that I had missed a deadline on an application I've been waiting on since the beginning of the school year. When I talked to the director of the program I was applying for, he was really mean to me (not like him in real life at all) and told me to forget about it. Oh, it was bad.

The next night, I dreamt that I had enrolled in some art history class, and all the teacher did was walk us students through the Union here on campus and explain the history of all of the pictures on the walls (if you've been there, you know that would take far more than a semester). She was really mean and I got yelled at for bringing my family to class with me (of course i didn't invite them, they just appeared. In dreams you never actually do what you're being accused of). She also assigned us a 40 page paper that was due during the next class. Yikes.

The night before last I dreamed that two people (that shall remain nameless) formed a campus group here at OU called "We Hate Frances" and tried to get all of my facebook friends (seriously) to join. The dream ended with my friends and I fighting the club members in the parking lot of Wal Mart.

Last night though, I had two that I can remember. This is the normal less weird one:

I dreamt that I was jumping on a trampoline, and above me were a bunch of flowers and balloons, and I had to jump as high as I could to reach the flowers and balloons.

This is the weird one:

I dreamt I stole someone's baby (I can't make this up).. I was just sitting in the room with the kid one minute, then the next I was standing in my mom's garage holding it. I freaked out and had no idea what possessed me to steal a baby, so I ran into the house to return the kid to it's rightful owner. When they asked me why I stole the baby, I told them I didn't know. They all thought I was crazy and proceeded to lock me in a room by myself. While I was in there, I remembered where I had taken the baby:


I swear. You know, the lion and the closet and the kids? Yeah. I stole a baby a took it to Narnia. Apparently Narnia needed help fighting off some evil woman and I was their only hope (and the baby had to come too). I fought the evil woman with Aslan the lion, and my weapon of choice was a rotten apple that created a forcefield around her so she was trapped. Epic nerdness.

Yeah... But perhaps the weirdest thing about all of these dreams is that they all have a common element.

Do you guys sometimes have scenes in your dreams that don't necessarily belong in the rest of your dream? I've had that same oddball scene appear in all of these dreams.

I'm looking though my living room toward the kitchen in my mom's house, and there, sitting in a chair, is Captain Hook. 

He looks different depending on the type of dream I'm having. If it was one of the nightmarish ones, he was really scary looking and was creepily staring at me. In the not-so-nightmarish dreams, he looked perfectly normal (you know, normal for a pirate villain), and he would be mindnig his own business or reading the paper.

So for the past week, if I didn't wake up in a cold, anxious sweat, I woke up scratching my head...

Curious beyond belief, I went online and looked around to find meaning to all of these dreams. Turns out a lot of these weird things that have been going on in my head mean something. Here's what I found:

  • Dreaming about battles or fights (like with the evil woman or the "we hate frances" club) suggest that one is overworked or overly stressed.
  • Babies in dreams symbolize innocence and newness... 
  • If you steal something in your dream, that probably means you're deprived of whatever it is your stealing... 
  • Meeting your enemies in a dream suggests you're drealing with opposing ideals or even being in denial about something. 
  • Jumping in dreams (like in the trampomine dream) suggests that you want to take risks and go for something big.
  • Flowers symbolize beauty and happiness.
  • Balloons represent celebrations and happiness as well, or could be a manifestation of your inner child.
  • Fruit in dreams (like the rotten apple) signify abundance and growth (but it was rotten... hopefully that's not bad).
  • Lions in dream suggest agression, leadership, and strength.
  • And finally, friends in dreams (not facebook friends, but actual friends) represent rejected aspects of your personality that you're beginning to accept. 

They didn't have anything on Captain Hook or Narnia, though. Bummer.

Oh well! So readers, do you think I'm going crazy? Have you seen any of these things in your dreams? Do you remember your dreams often? Let me know!


  1. I've had weird dreams before...lots. And I really find it interesting that you took this stolen baby to Narnia lol.

  2. every morning i wake with the vague feeling that something exceedingly strange happened to me in the night. however, i've only remembered one dream in my entire life, so i'm never quite sure why i have these vaguely ominous feelings.

    i still remember that one dream like it was yesterday though, and i had it back in middle school. oh, glorious nightmares.