Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Challenge: it's on.


Well, it's been more like 11 days, but to me it feels that long.

The sad thing is that I don't really have a legitamate excuse.. I mean, I wasn't hospitalized, kidnapped, or anything like that.... I just..... didn't know what to write about...

And that excuse is super lame for this reason: I had plenty to write about, in reality... I just.... Didn't know how, when, or where to start. Talk about some writer's block... Sheesh.

BUT! There are interesting things in the works here people! Shout hallelujah!

For now though, I would like to share something eventful that happened to me that is pretty, if not totally relevant to this here blog post.

Does anyone know who this is??

Well, if not.... Sorry boutcha. That's Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman, and she's awesome.

*note... I get star-struck way too easily, and that goofy messy picture of me proves that. Ugh, it doesn't even look like me.... Or I look insane.. It's crazed fan syndrome. 

OKAY! Back to the point.

Well, Ree came to OU to talk about herself as "self-made media.." But before she gave a presentation to hundreds of people, she sat down with my PW class of 15ish students in the auditorium (literally, she just powwowed on the stage) and we all just talked blogging. Nerd's paradise, really.

So after an hour's worth of questions, answers, and a exchange of embarrassing stories, I left the auditoruim with many pieces of advice she left us... Several I put into action immediately, but others have yet to manifest themselves. But, after all of her stories and advice, one thing she said stuck out to me and has be eating at the back of my brain for days..

Blog everyday. Blog everyday. Blog. Every. Day.

Ugh. Yeah, I knew it was coming.... She told us in the lecture, and the same advice coupled with an explanation can be found here.

So, I'm always looking for challenges, and I think this one will be pretty perfect, considering some challenges I take on are just stupid.


High school.

Moving on.

So it's on! As of right now there are 23 days until the end of the semester, 31 until Christmas (wooo.) and 37 until 2011 (Gah, where did the year go?!)  I want to try to post something everyday at least until the end of the semester, and if I'm successful I'll try until Christmas, New Years, and even beyond!

In [un]related news: I'm at home right now, so I'll get a fantastic running start with zero homework, classes, or work standing in my way. Plus there's never a dull moment with people like these around:

I'm hoping it will be fun for me, but most importantly I hope YOU all enjoy what I have to say as well! I think that's all for tonight.. Check back for Challenge Day 1 TOMORROW! YAY!

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  1. I'm trying that challenge too! :) gotta love pioneer woman!