Friday, November 26, 2010

EVERY-BOD-AY: Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop-shop! Shop! Shop!

Today, I went where no every man holiday-crazed parent and grandparent has gone before...

Black. Friday. 

By no means was I up at the crack of dawn (on the contrary, I walked my turkey-stuffed self to bed just after 10 o'clock-- a first since I was about fifteen and slept until around 9:30). Despite the extra few hours of sleep, mom and I knew we had a big day of some serious Christmas shopping to do.

But it wasn't for us!

Every year my mom's office donates money towards gifts for an Angel family, or a family that doesn't have the means to buy their children many gifts during Christmastime.  And almost every year, my mom is the one that handles the task of shopping for the items on the kids' list. If you've ever shopped with her, you'd understand why. She's the queen of pinching those pennies (a trait I unfortunately didn't inherit)!

It the past, we've shopped for all ages, most being around ten years old. Plus, we usually shop for three, four, or maybe five kids. Maybe.

Not this year!

Our Angel family this year was really special. We were shopping for a woman that is taking care of her handi-capable 21-year-old daughter and nine grandchildren.

Yes. Nine. That's not a typo. NINE GRANDKIDS. Phew.

She's a better woman than me, that's for sure!

Oh, and what's even more fun? They're all under the age of five.

5 years old, 4 years old, 3 years old, 3 years old, 2 years old, 2 years old, 17 months old, 3 months old, and 1 month old.


So we set out with a size list and tons of caffeine happy feelings keeping us excited. The crowds were not terrible, the number of crazy people was surprisingly low (only one woman that was screaming about the jewelry department), and a good five hours later, we knocked out almost everything on our list, staying very well under budget (thank you doorbusters)! So, we're thinking about going out again tomorrow to pick out some toys and gloves for each of them.

Finally! Here are some picture of the serious swag we scored (and my rando family members):

Mom is so excited! 

This is organized, promise. 

All boxed up!

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