Saturday, November 6, 2010

D.I.Why not?

I'm so close to alone in the desolation that is the coffee shop. It's so sad.

Moving on!

I've talked to you, dear readers, about how crafty [not the mean kind!] I am, or at least aspire to be... So in light of feeling extra artsy this weekend, I decided to fill you in on projects I have filled my time with on my [relaxing?] weekend back home.

These projects were inspired by this, which I follow almost religiously. Seriously, I'm obsessed. If you didn't follow the link just then, do it now, and be amazed.

I will share one the projects now, but the other is still in the works. Fear not, updates will come!

Today, we made our very own cork boards!!

Luckily, i had these two wonderful nine year olds tag along giving me an excuse to run rampant with my love of glitter, sequins, and bright, bright, colors.
We started off with just plain old boards from our neighborhood craft store which you see above.

First, we [I] ironed the girls' initials onto the fab
ric before gluing fabric to the boards (it's important to iron both side of the letters).
Then we just covered them with fabric, secured with good ol' hot glue.
Funny moment! When were were in the store buying the fabric, I commented on the girls' selection being remarkably colorful. To that, one responded, "Frances, we're both nine, what else do you expect?" Fair enough ladies.

Next, I let the girl run wild with flowers, sequins, and ribbon. On an awesome note, the ribbon we [they] chose was reversible, so it was a two-for-one, best-of-both-worlds money saver! Woo!
So, the final products looked like these!

I mean, if you were nine, you would be crazy jealous. I kind of am, and I'm 21. Oh well.

Readers, I think that's all for now. I'm going to continue my wonderful Saturday night with some old-school chick flicks, a nice book and some warm blankets.

Bonne nuit mes amis!

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