Friday, September 24, 2010

the coffee shop

There's a coffee shop in my hometown that, for all intents and purposes, could have charged me rent throughout high school.

It's a locally owned coffee shop. On any given afternoon, you can stop for a visit and the place will be bustling with all sorts of people, young and old. Musicians flock here every now and then to play, and the work of local artists and photographers line the walls of the place. It's a town favorite, and has been around for close to eight years. I myself, however, have been coming here for five.
I remember the first time I walked in. I was with my best friend and two other friends walked in while a band was playing. The place was full to bursting, and the drinks were sweet and cold. I loved it.

I came in here every now and then after that. It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I hypothetically signed my lease here. I was in here most days, if not everyday. I became friends with the girls who worked there, and all the regulars just like me.

I remember staying hours after the place closed, dancing around with music up really loud, or playing ridiculous games with my friends.

I remember once after hours one of the guys working broke the faucet in the back while we were washing dishes, and water gushed all over the place. Hilarious.

I remember another time we bet my friend five dollar to eat ground up espresso beans... Equally as hilarious, but still pretty gross.

I remember being able to walk in the door and everyone knew what drink I wanted before I had to say anything. I remember not having to pay for a drink for months at a time. I was one of those "regulars" and I loved the friends I made and the people I met and the conversations I've had in here...

But as anything else does, it changed. The atmosphere, the baristas, the regulars...

It's Friday night. 4 years ago this place would be packed with people laughing, playing music, and carrying on about everything and anything. Tonight, myself and 4 others quietly type away at their computers without a word mumbled among them.
It's so sad to me... I miss so much the laughter and life of this place. But, I think what is sadder is that some people believe this to be the status quo, good enough, and that works for them. No, not at all people, not at all.

I'm not sure what to do about it.. I love this place and don't want to let it go, but at the same time every time I walk in the door and realize that it's just not the same.

I guess for now, I'll revel in the quiet and remember the good ole days.

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