Monday, September 13, 2010

This ain't no bed of roses.

The Word of Today, Yesterday, Last Thursday, and Right Now...

Let me break it down.

I don't have any. It doesn't exist in my book of self. Complacency to me is nothing but a far away dream and desire that I could never obtain no matter how hard I try.
What a wonderful thing it would be to live day to day, satisfied, content, or relatively unaware and unabashed by harm, stress, or fear that could potentially befall me. I would never worry, I would never panic, I would never be anything other than a pleasant shade of satifaction. Oh, it sounds so wonderful.

Or does it?

Truly I do wonder what I would give for a day or two of simple complacency. A time when I have nothing to do, nothing to think about, nothing I want to improve on. But what kind of life is that?

[Un]fortunately for me, there is ALWAYS something to be done. Whether it's creating something brand spankin' new, or tweaking whatever crazy project or assignment I'm working on, I am never satisfied.

So in my wake of never-ending adjustments and diversifications, I'm going to write whatever I want. The Word of the Day will still have a dominant presence here, but at the same time, stay tuned for more and exciting things.

It's time to spread my wings and write.

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  1. We can just hang out at starbucks all the days of our lives...that sounds nice :)