Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go fly a kite.

An insult? Not to the people of Enid.

Over the past couple of years, a few wonderfully motivated people have challenged the rest of E-town's residents to participate in Kites Over Enid, a probably annual event with a few purposes.

1. Raise money for an awesome cause.

2. Get families to spend time outside together.

3. Outdo school children from the Gaza Strip.
Yes, you heard me. Kites Over Enid has been attempting to break the world record for the number of kites flown in an area at the same time. So who, you ask, are the current record holders? School children from the Gaza Strip set the most recent record of some 3,700 kites in the air simultaneously. Seriously. Can't make that up.

Now, breaking a world record where wind is a major component of success is definitely no easy feat when you live "where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains."
Luckily, mother nature smiled down on us kite flyers, and gave us perfect weather. It was so satisfying to see people from Enid actually coming together for a common cause, even if it is to stomp out a Gaza Strip record.

It was also an amazingly fun time to spend with my mom.. We had some great laughs, and I learned that she is wayyyy better at kite flying than I am... Oh well..

I don't say this often, so pay attention. Enid, I'm proud of you. In total, we flew 2,439 kites at the same time yesterday. Not the world record, but definitely nothing to spit at.
Hey, give us another couple of years and some more publicity, and those kids in the Gaza Strip will be shakin' in their boots, as we Okies say.

So, next year, if you have an interest in anything... Animals, BBQ, kites, quality time, live music, taking pictures, or breathing... Go fly a kite. It's a good time.

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  1. I would have loved to see this! And over 2,000 kites is quite impressive!!!!!