Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Under my Umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay

I'm feeling musical today. So this is to kick things off.

So, with torrential downpours and apocalyptic flooding, I feel that the Word of Today should pay tribute to one of our biggest allies during rain like this:


I will pay you 10 buck if you didn't read that and automatically start singing Rihanna in your head. I mean, I don't blame you.. it's just that catchy!

Anyway. I love my umbrella. It does its best to keep me dry, even though on days like this, getting rained on is completely inevitable. In fact, I love all umbrellas. I think that you can tell a lot about a person by the color or design of their umbrella. For instance:

The Dreamer...

... The Hopeless Romantic...

... The Transparent One...

... Even the Lush.

I love walking down the shiny and slick South Oval on a dreary day and studying the color, size, or design of the different umbrellas. I love the brightness they bring to the sidewalk, especially on such a dreary day such as this.

However, with all of the bright colorfulness cheer added to a cold, wet, and blatantly gross day, one can't help but notice those poor, poor people that inexplicably attempt to bear the rain without a coveted umbrella. I see these people every time it rains. They all have the same, sad and damp face, and I just feel so terrible. Every time I see this, it takes everything I have to keep walking and not give them my own umbrella. It sounds so ridiculously lame, but I wish i could carry an excess of umbrellas around campus with me, and just give them away.

I wonder how many crazy looks I would get from people.

Would they take them?
Would they scream at me to get away from them?
Would i be 'that girl'?

Well, readers? If you were umbrella-less on campus, would you take one from me?

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