Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is gonna kill me..

The word: Curiosity.

This one is for my PW teacher.

When we walk into my intro to PW class every other morning, there are always two things we can guarantee we'll here before those two hours are over.

1. "How can you make your writing make you a dollar?"

2. "Why are you people not asking questions?! You've got to be CURIOUS."

Well, thanks a lot, Mel. I am now. And it's driving me bonkers.

See, there is a particular situation that is placed conveniently in front of me every day that, quite frankly, is none of my business. However, my new found curious nature is fogging up the common sense section of my brain. I want so many answers, but I might just have to settle with just asking myself...

Yes, I definitely think that is best.

Well now on to my main point!

I'm toying around with a new direction I could take with this blog. I find that writing about myself can become rather mundane, and I only imagine that reading about me all the time could be just the same. There's just one problem..

For the project I hope to embark on, I will need help from people. You people. People not afraid to take a chance. If that is you, please find me... Talk to me... Work with me.... We'll have a good thing going.

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